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December 21st
December 16th namesinthesand:

This picture is bloody brilliant. The photographer has really got quite a talent. The contrast between the widely blue black and white colors is lovely. And the steam blends together flawlessly. It shows enough of modern life and older life to give it a brilliant mixture of the past and present. 
Not to mention it is beautiful
December 16th lackingly:

cafe on sidewalk (by Kasumi Angel)
December 16th sarcastical:

seagulls by Yura Kuznetsov on Flickr.
December 1st
November 18th oh-hello-autumn:

by e.pic
November 18th 22pictures:

untitled by coffeestainsandcigarettes on Flickr.
November 16th
November 10th v0lant:

仁尾 (by *dapple dapple)
November 10th aphelia:

pearlake04_sml by ileum on Flickr.